Binbin Gu

binbing [at] uci [dot] edu - GitHub


I am a fourth year Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science and Engineering of UCI. My research broadly addresses ways that enable computer machines to learn by the use of diverse types of data, while keeping efficiency, privacy and security. Specifically, I am interested in designing machine learning algorithms for learning from complex data, with applications to knowledge graph, natural language understanding, distributed systems, IoT and blockchain.

Office Lab: DBH-2081

Advisor: Faisal Nawab

Research Interests

Machine Learning · Artifical Intelligience · Natural Language Processing · Zero Knowledge Proofs · Distributed Systems · IoT · Blockchain



Machine Learning/Data Mining (COMPSCI 178), Project in AI (COMPSCI 175), Introduction to AI (COMPSCI 271P) at UCI.

Database Systems (CSE 180) at UCSC.


ICDE 2023 Webmaster [Certificate]